Franzie Weldgen was born March 21st, 1972 in Rochester, New York. In 2nd grade, he started entertaining his family and classmates by distributing his homemade comicbooks. In 9th grade, he received a Scholastics® Honorable Mention for drawing a black and white still life of a teddy bear. Then, in 10th and 11th grade, he consecutively won the annual Channel 13 "Design Your Own Christmas Card Contest," hosted by Don Alhart. The first design was of a potted poinsettia plant in front of a hanging calendar highlighting December 24th. The second design was (yet another) teddy bear dressed as Santa.

Some say Franzie's artwork "peaked" with these two masterful designs, and it has been all downhill since. He has taught art classes at the University of Arizona, Rochester Institute of Technology, and currently is a full-time professor at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. The only breakdance move he can still do is the Dolphin (also known as "The Worm"), and he currently has no cavities. He loves soggy cereal.